Adidas Predator adiPower - Black/Blue/Electricity

Adidas Predator adiPower - Black/Blue/Electricity. Press adiPower ALL (except David Beckham) seems to be following a similar color. The family includes recent adiPower boots and electric blue in different ways on both the craft and the launch of the new white / blue / electricity. This time, adidas colors merged into a boat to punch around!

The new black / blue / electric Predator football boots adiPower adiPower offer new look at the school, although more blues / Electricity and white / blue / electricity. They look like a cross between the introduction of color and the legendary Black / White / Red In all cases.

The history of football now one of the landmarks of his back with a radical revision to the growing needs of the modern game. In an era where speed matters Nowhere adidas Predator has designed the lightest and strongest ever. Adidas Predator advice adiPower easier on the scale only 235g, 25% as the adidas Predator X.

In particular, the changes in football cleats new Predator, the introduction of adidas sprint frame that was a great success with the F50-series, the great leap forward in the development of the new Predator adiPower. At higher levels with the revolutionary sole is 50% lighter than the standard TPU outsole and is designed to provide stability throughout the boat. The central lacing, which makes under the cover of the new edge design the shoes for different foot shapes developed.

Adidas Another innovation that used successfully in the adiZerro F50 and is now used for the new, larger boat adiPower is the newest and innovative insole. Now, with a broader base component of modern and mid-foot and the heel is higher, the new boxes last adiPower Predator: The pads are placed closer to the outside of the sole. This will work for shoes, while improving the flow stability, traction and pressure.

The new Predator football boots adiPower once the calf was first used in Adidas Predator X. Toro introduced unique material is a natural wear leather high quality and high performance leather high-end icing on the cake cracks together.

Power has never been brought together with ease, make the lightest and most powerful predators. The framework combines sprint shoe with a pick, new power Predator, Predator X transferred to a subsequent transfer of powers from the foot to the ball, so to bend the foot. Spine flex grooves in the movements for the successful implementation of comfort, while the flexible element in the right direction.

The eleventh incarnation of the Adidas Predator was 17 years of work, and the new Adidas Predator football boots are adiPower undoubtedly the most radical version of all. With a rich history, is set at the Adidas Predator, the new standards with every release and Adidas have raised the bar even higher! All you need now is a great collection of colors and looks of Adidas things have a good start!

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